Discovering Pakistan

5, 000 years of Civilization & Culture

Megasthenes at the Mauryan Court

Shortly after Alexander and his troops withdrew from India in 325 BCE, leaving behind satraps (governors) in Taxila, Western Punjab and the Indus Valley, Chandragupta Maurya founded the first great … Continue reading

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Indra’s Beverage

British journalist Alice Albinia travels to the remote valleys of the Hindukush and Karakorum in northwest Pakistan in search of the original “Aryans” and the homeland of the Rigveda. There … Continue reading

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The Cult of Bibi Nani

In Baluchistan today, an obscure saint called Bibi Nani, “Venerated Old Lady”, is revered by Muslims and Hindus alike. ¬†Prolific Pakistani travel writer Salman Rashid opines that Bibi Nani’s cult … Continue reading

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Alluvial Cities

Read a chapter from “Empires of the Indus”,¬†a non-fiction book by British journalist Alice Albinia, covering the writer’s journey from Karachi to Tibet following the course of the Indus River. … Continue reading

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