Discovering Pakistan

5, 000 years of Civilization & Culture


Discovering Pakistan is an independent educational website dedicated to uncovering, exploring and understanding the multifarious fabric that makes modern Pakistan. In an era when the global image of Pakistan, nourished by both local and foreign media, is that of a fanatical Muslim nation devoid of culture and history, Discovering Pakistan aims to present a deeper, richer, more contextualized picture of the country.


Pakistan Map

Map of Pakistan

A compilation of varied materials about Pakistan’s ancient past, its diverse peoples, regions and beliefs, and a backdrop to its complicated modern politics, this website is an excellent resource for students, journalists, travelers, and anybody curious to learn more about Pakistan, including Pakistanis themselves.  The effort is to stay away from colonial and nationalistic representations of Pakistan and emphasize original or first-hand materials – historical records, travelers’ accounts, religious scriptures, folktales, poems, informed essays, and more.

You may browse through the current contents of the website by clicking on the Topics, Types of Material or Original Sources menus in the top left-hand column.

This is an on-going project. Please keep checking back for new material!

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