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Story of Jivaka

Jivaka, one of the most celebrated physicians in Ayurvedic tradition, trained at Taxila University and went on to serve many distinguished personages, including King Bimbisara of Magadha and his great friend and teacher, Gautama Buddha. The story of Jivaka’s birth, education, and skill in medicine is recounted in the Mahavagga, a Buddhist scripture of the Pali Canon, written in the Pali language during the 1st century BCE.

Click here to view a PDF excerpt from “The Book of Discipline: Volume Four (Mahavagga)”, translated from the Pali by I.B. Horner.

Click here to read a conciser, 20th century retelling of Jivaka’s story by Raj Vaidya Harjivan Ratnaji Bhatt, originally published in the Pali  journal “Health, a Publication of Prabhuram Anant Pharmacy for the Upheaval of Ayurved”, and translated into English by Dr. Bharat Vaidya.

Click here to read an article about Jivaka by Gunakar Muley, published in May 2000 by Vigyan Prasar, an autonomous organization operating within the government of India’s Department of Science and Technology.

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